"Guardian Of The Galaxy. Todd Sloane has created a small army of out-of-this-world robots" 
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SWERVE Magazine

"I truly loved Todd's sculptures and would not hesitate to own and display any one of them"

"These Sculptures are among the coolest objects that I have seen in a very long time"
Ron Kurczaba, Principal Riddell Kurczaba, Architecture Engineering Interior Design

"Wow, wow, wow … blown away!  Each piece is so uniquely beautiful "  

"An amazingly surreal and sultry collection that leaves you slightly startled yet visually thrilled"
Ken Wentz, ACAD Instructor.

"Totally creative works; and a lot of fun to inspect and try to guess where the bits and pieces that make up these super robots were originally used. A delightful grouping".
David Parker
Business columnist - and jealous collector